Time Line Therapy in Wakefield

Authentic Self Empowerment


Time Line Therapy works with a concept of time and how we personally store memories which affect our own individual personality.

Time Line Therapy techniques allow us to identify and resolve past issues, heal negative emotions, remove unwanted thoughts or behaviours and install positive future memories and traits to help us achieve our goals.

We may not consciously be aware of where and why a problem originates, it could be from several years ago, during childhood, in the womb, or even earlier, but all the information needed to resolve the problem is stored somewhere within our memory. Time Line Therapy lets us seek it out and heal it.

Improve communications with others by understanding the way we personally store time and helping identify the way others store time and how that can affect outcomes personally and professionally.
Time Line Therapy can be used effectively alongside NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Julie G Greensmith is a Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Timeline therapy can help:

  • Bringing memories up to date to discover those which are helping us to move forward and those which hinder and therefore block our true potential.
  • Getting rid of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt.
  • Letting go of and resolving limiting decisions and beliefs.
  • Harnessing valuable inner resource.
  • Helping to focus clearly and positively on the future.
  • Putting out goals for the future and strategies to achieve them.

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